Asphalt Paving & Repairs, Eugene

    Do your streets, driveways, parking lots or walkways need repair?

    Over time, asphalt is damaged by water, chemicals, the sun, and wear and tear. It requires periodic maintenance, such as sealcoating, crack sealing by filling large cracks with rubberized asphalt, repairing holes and significant broken up areas and overlays. New asphalt pavement enhances a building’s beauty and increases re-sale value.

    At Aegis, we offer comprehensive services for installation, repair, maintenance, resurfacing and striping. We are equipped with the knowledge and experienced team you can depend on.  Make sure your asphalt paving and repairs are performed by experienced licensed professionals committed to integrity.

    Steps for properly installing or repairing asphalt:

    • Thoroughly evaluate the conditions that created the issues
    • Review site grade to mitigate water drainage issues
    • Pre-mark areas to ensure all expectations are met
    • Saw & remove damaged pavement
    • Thoroughly clean the repair area
    • Evaluate condition of sub-base
    • Add and compact new base as required
    • Adequate amount of tack for adhesion
    • Install hot mix asphalt
    • Clean work area prior to leaving

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