Budgeting for Asphalt Repairs

It is always a smart idea to have savings included in your business’s budget. We know budgeting for asphalt maintenance is of the utmost importance to facilities owners.  While you should be setting aside a budget to maintain your pavement facilities, being prepared for emergencies is critical.

The First Step- Evaluate Your Current Conditions

Understanding the terminology and knowledge regarding your asphalt and pavement is the first step in evaluating your current conditions. This can be done in a consultation, discussing past spending on asphalt maintenance and repairs, as well as reviewing the current condition of your property. At Aegis, we offer a comprehensive consultation that includes a thorough review of your property. Our team will survey your property and current infrastructure then develop a plan that fits your budget and needs.

Our Tips for Maintenance

The best precaution you can take to prepare for emergencies is to maintain your pavement regularly.  Daily oxidation for the sun and water infiltration for the rains continually degrade your pavement surfaces.  To ensure a protected pavement and increase the life expectancy of your asphalt plan, prepare and execute a maintenance plan.

  • Sealcoat regularly to protect your investment.
  • Fill cracks to defend against further pavement deterioration and repair costs.
  • Remove accumulated debris and materials from the asphalt to prevent the growth of moss that can break through and loosen the pavement.
  • Remove obstructions from stormwater structures and catch basins regularly to prevent water damage.
  • Re-stripe parking lots annually or bi-annually to maintain a clean look, welcoming environment, and create a great first impression.

Contact Aegis

Aegis Asphalt’s professionals can extend the life of your asphalt surface. Contact us to learn more about our sealcoating services in Eugene, Roseburg and Coos Bay.