Picking a Good Asphalt Contractor

Times are tough and moneys tight however, asphalt maintenance and parking lot maintenance still needs to happen.  It’s times like this that property owners and managers should take some time to pull out their expense files and look to see if they are getting the appropriate return on their parking lot maintenance investments.  If your spending tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars annually and still having large asphalt and concrete problems than you may be a victim of  slick asphalt contractors.

Some contractors are sneaky in that they find ways to do less a less each year on your properties for the same or sometimes more money.  Aegis takes great care to give their customers exactly what they paid for.  That’s crazy right!  I know it’s a simple concept but it’s true.  We are not always the least expensive asphalt contractor nor are we always the most expensive.  We are the middle of the road contractor that gives people what they paid for.