The Importance of Pothole Repair

Pothole repair services at Aegis Asphalt

Potholes sometimes referred to as chuckholes can be the cause of serious trip-and-fall accidents. It is not uncommon for lawsuits to arise from such accidents, even wrongful death lawsuits by head injuries. It is therefore extremely important for private and public property owners to repair any potholes and to maintain the condition of their pavement.

What causes potholes?

Especially common in the winter rain or snow season, potholes are caused by the expansion and contraction of water that has entered the ground under the pavement. The pavement then collapses when vehicles pass over the weakened spot, creating a pothole.

Asphalt and pothole repair at Aegis Asphalt in Eugene, Oregon

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How can potholes be repaired?

To avoid potholes, it is best to get a trusted contractor to survey the pavement for risk factors and to provide adequate drainage. Existing potholes need repair with a “temporary patch” or a “semi-permanent repair.”

  • Temporary patches utilize a “throw and roll”method that is a quick and less expensive solution. A hot or cold asphalt patch material is placed in the pothole and is then compacted with the wheel of a vehicle or by hand tamping.
  • Semi-permanent repair requires the removal of debris from the pothole and making clean cuts along the patch area. Hot or cold asphalt patch is placed in the pothole and is compacted with a vibratory plate or roller.

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